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Please note the following news and hints:


Everybody can sort the list of tissues with regard to Page, Clause, and Paragraph. E.g.: for all tissues of 7-2:

Click on Page, Clause or Paragraph ... click again ...

To efficiently use the sorting function we have to add/correct the values of these fields in some cases:

- Page 13 should be 013

- Clause 2.3. should be 02.3


Proposers of tissues, that are not members of the editors' group can now comment on the tissues and the ongoing discussion.

Once logged in (as a non-editor) you may enter a comment and send it to the editors group. One of the editors must accept that comment and approve it for beeing posted as a visible comment for that tissue (the comment may be publically visible or not). The name of the proposer of the comment is visible as well as which editor approved the inclusion.


The Tissue process.

The Editors' Group of IEC 61850


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