10   Expansion of WALM

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Created: 09 Jun 2009


Page: 26

Clause: 6.2.11

Paragraph: table 17

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: As per my understanding the node WALM is determined to transmit all alarms of the wind turbine and to assign the active ones among them.
However, this would mean that in our turbine up to 1,500 alarms are constantly transmitted although none of them is active.everx one of them includes separate data points e.g. Timestamp. Is this correct?
We made the decision only to transmit the active alarms and to exchange the list of possible alarms beforehand. For this purpose I extended the node WALM as in the appendix:

Proposal: I would like you to tell me, if the node in this configuration is still compliant with standards.

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