38   CTE definition

This tissue has following status: green

Created: 17 Feb 2011


Page: 57

Clause: 7.3.6

Paragraph: Event Counting CTE

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: The cdc "CTE" contains counting information and supported a manual forced reset.
- The attributes manRs, actCtVal, oldCtVal should be optional. We do not support the counter reset.
- The attributes ctTot, dly, mly, yly and tot are without timestamp and quality
- The range of INT32/INT32U is too small (It should be like BCR)
- There is no information about the unit (i.e. WTUR.TotWh)
- The boundaries of the arrays do not meet the usual values

Proposal: - Change the attributes manRs, actCtVal, oldCtVal from mandatory to optional.
- Add timestamp and quality to the attributes ctTot, dly, mly, yly and tot
- Add unit to the attributes actCtVal, oldCtVal, ctTot, dly, mly, yly and tot
- Change the range of INT32/INT32U Variables to INT128/INT128U
- Change the boundaries of the arrays:
dly should be 0..44 (45 days)
mly should be 0..11 (12 months)
yly should be 0..29 (30 years)


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