40   active state

This tissue has following status: on hold

Created: 17 Feb 2011


Page: 15

Clause: 6.1.1

Paragraph: Table 4

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: There is no concept for the "Active State"
- The active state enables the control of a wind farm unit. If a client system transmits a command without active state, the command is not accepted by the wind farm unit.
- The active state can only be issued to one client system at one time. This ensures that only one client system can control the wind farm unit at one time. The active status is not time limited and must be explicitly released by the client system.
- For the allocation of the active state there is a priority order. If a client system with higher priority already owns the active state, other client systems with lower priority cannot be given an active state.

Proposal: Add an optional attribute "SetActiveStat" to WTUR. The attribute type should be "CMD"
The values for the ctlVal (ENUMERATED) are:
- 1: Request active state
- 2: Release active state


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