41   Change of stVal in CDC ALM actSt/oldSt

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Created: 08 Mar 2011


Page: 56


Paragraph: 7.3.4

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: ALM is not able to represent the entire life cycle of an alarm: its activation, its deactivation, and its acknowledge. This means that one cannot log all information about an alarm life cycle by storing ONE single log instance of ALM.

The problem is caused by the "pollution" of actSt.stVal and oldSt.stVal with the value "Acknowledged". Consider the scenario: alarm activated, tnen deactivated. actSt describes the deactivation, while oldSt describes the activation. The alarm is now acknowledged. actSt changes to "Acknowledged", pushing the information about the activation out of oldSt. Activation info is lost.

Proposal: Since almACk already describes the acknowledge in detail, it is NOT necassary to have the value "Acknowledged" in actSt/oldSt. If acknowledgement is kept out of actSt/oldSt, the whole life cycle activation -> deactivation -> acknowledge can be contained. Following acknowledgement, activation is in oldSt, deactivation in actSt and acknowledge in almAck.


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