43   Simple password string

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Created: 05 Apr 2013


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Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: After the interop. in Münich last month it is found that the AuthenticationPassword could need a little more details:
Currently a string is defined, but the turbine controller will often need a user name as well as a password.
The AuthenticationPassword can naturally include both a username and a password, but it should be stated how to do this.

Some ways to include the user:
* Bachmann: -u#"xxxxxxx" -p#"abcd"
* RePower: -user#"scadab.fr" -pass#"ga768vw31fqs3"

Proposal: We need just to get a common way to use the string. The string has a limited length, so we don't need lengthy text.

Above are two ways - they are OK. One way could also be to use just a single separation character, e.g. "username";"password".

Basically the solution is not very important - it is just important that it is standardized how to format the username / password in the AuthenticationPassword string.


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