44   timestamp and quality in CDC TMS is missing for dly, mly and yly (like CDC CTE)

This tissue has following status: white

Created: 11 Nov 2016


Page: 65

Clause: 7.3.7

Paragraph: Table 42

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: There is no timestamp and quality information for the state timing dly, mly and yly state timing counter in the CDC TMS available. The CDC CTE got this information in editon 2 by using the complete CDC BCR for the dly, mly and yly information.

Proposal: Change the type of the ARRAY from INT32U to a CDC e.g. BCR as it is done in CDC CTE.


By adding a complete CDC to the ARRAY type, the difference between CDC TMS and CTE is marginal. It might be better to delete the CDC TMS and reuse the CDC CTE.


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