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Created: 09 Jun 2009


Page: 53

Clause: 7.3.2

Paragraph: table 37

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part

Issue: according to the post of John Bruder "CDC definition confusing"
The CDC SPV is defined in 61400-25-2 paragraph 7.3.2 table 37. There, the actlVal is declared as APC. However, in the IEC61850-7-3 page 43 paragraph 7.6.2 table 38 this attribute type APC is defined differently. Which is the valid definition?

Proposal: The first definition of the CDC APC was made in the IEC61850-7-3.
this must be the valid definition.
For the future all CDC definiton of the IEC61850-7-3 must be valid.

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